Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Days 2 - 5

On day 2 we headed out farely early to go to Boise for the show with hummingbird of death. Of course it was the usual drive through nothing into the wastelands of Idaho. The show was SUPER good. A noise project called Catshit opened up the show followed up by Atonimous allies. Which was cool to find out they were playing because somehow we had their cd in the van and didn't know they were playing. They were pretty good street punk but they kinda lost me with lines like "whoa whoa suck my dick, whoa whoa, show me your tits" and "I wanted penetration." Both us and none shredded through our quick sets then hummingbird played. They played primarily new stuff I didn't realize but at the end they had a solid block of older songs that I was really into before. After the show we all went back to someone's house and nerded out on their record collect.

The next day we didn't have a show so we went swimming then went deep up into the mountains of Idaho for a firework show in a town called CROUCH. Crouch is a town that is maybe a half a mile long and has like 5 bars. There was old dudes bad generic country music for hours on end, little kids dangerously lighting off fireworks in the middle of the street, people drunk driving quads and cops drinking beers on duty. Max and Vedad said they even saw people snorting coke out right out in public in front of little kids! Just shows what you can get away with in small towns. After the firework display we packed up and headed back to Boise to grab our van and go out to Ogden, Utah.

We drove through the night so we could go to the legendary SPACE JESUS. We arrived in the morning and decided we were too tired to go right when we got there. So what's our first instinct? Sleep in the lawn at the state capital. Me, Max, Vedad and Tyler got a solid 2 hours of sleep before we heard sirens. These sirens were police officers kicking us out of the lawn at the capital. Here's how my interatcion with the cops went:
Cop: Hey man, you guys can't sleep here
Me: Ok officer, we'll get out of here right now
Cop: Ok, I just wanted to make sure you're all still alive (points at tyler) Is that girl ok?
Me: Well, actually it's a boy, but yeah he's ok.
Cop: Well, just make sure that girls ok. You guys can't sleep here.

Meanwhile, Kayla and Colter went to see space jesus without us. So we ended up driving to Salt lake for no reason. Then we drove to Ogden for our show with Crucified, Ill intent, Frustration and Shark Week. It was shark week's first show and they were really good. None killed it as always and then during bully's set we were getting mocked. Ogden, Utah HATES fast parts. Ill intent dudes saw the mocking and deciding revenge was in order for the primary mocker. As the show went on the kid kept getting punked by everyone because he was an idiot. When Crucified played their last song all hell broke loose because someone punched Jake from Ill Intent in the face a bunch of times. The room blew up to being Ill Intent dudes versus the whole of Ogden Utah. Tyler tried to pull 2 people apart and got punched in the face 3 times by 2 different people. At that point the crucified stopped playing and the fight broke up.

We drove through the night to get to Denver, Colorado. Once we got in Denver we saw the familiar faces of the ill intent and frustration dudes walking down to the platt river. We went to safeway to get gas for $2.52! We went down to the river, went down the rapids and then headed to the venue. The venue was super tight, it was a garage with a seperate building that was a record store. There was also a vert ramp out back. The show went by really good. No fights. Then we went back and slept at someone's house and showered for the first time in a few days. Everyone watched mortal kombat and I went to sleep.

Today we're playing Blast-o-Mat with My Heart to joy and Natives. Tomorrow we're playing in tuscon with a skate band that I guess kinda sounds like spazz. I'm kinda pumped.

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